Friends, before you get acquainted with the conditions for the provision of services for the manufacture of an individual order, I would like to immediately answer the most important question: “What is the difference between an individual order and a basic position?”.
If you want to:
Friends, after you have read all these points and clearly understood for yourself that you have an individual order, and you would like to order this service, you will definitely have a question: “How much can such a product cost?” Since at the initial stage it is difficult for me to estimate the cost without all the input data, I suggest that you study the prices on my website. A product made according to individual wishes will cost 30% more than those posted on the site.
When changing the color of the product, it is necessary to search for new shades of the material, request samples from suppliers and coordinate them with you, this can be done from a photo or video, or send all samples by courier. When adding colored elements to the product, a new sketch is also required. All samples of materials, sketches, installation methods are agreed with you before starting work.
Change the color of the product or add color elements, then this is a custom order. Why?
If you change, for example, the size of the tapestry, a new sketch is required. When changing the shape and size of the lampshade, a new drawing is required. All samples of materials, sketches, installation methods are agreed with you before starting work.
Change the shape or size of the product, then it is a custom order. Why?
A request for a non-standard shape, a request for a change in production technology and all requests that entail the development of a new product that is different from the basic ones are individual. They require working out sketches, new techniques and materials. All samples of materials, sketches, installation methods are agreed with you before starting work.
The development of a new product with a change in production technology is an individual order. Why?

Terms of service for the production of an individual order

Before taking the order to work, the basic input data is specified: the required size of the product, color, references, photos, wishes for shape and texture, floor plan, interior and all those things that are important for the customer to convey the main idea. And, of course, the timing and quantity of products.
After all the inputs are received by us, we will be able to decide whether we take this order to work or not.

For what reasons can we refuse?
- impossibility to implement some idea, technique
- due to the inability to develop a complex or overall design
- due to tight deadlines
- due to explicit copying of the work of another author

But we can offer an alternative in terms of technology, design, colors, etc. And if the customer is ready to move away from the set parameters and understands the changes, we can start work by talking all the details in advance.
It is important to understand that all products are made by us manually. We are for not copying other masters, but inventing our own.

After we understand the idea of an individual order, and we confirm that we take the order to work, we issue an invoice for the provision of the service for the production of an “Individual Order”.

The price of this service is 15,000 rubles. Important!!! This cost is deducted from the price of the product when ordering.

What does the service "Individual order" include:
You will receive a presentation that includes:
- design drawings
- sketch, 1st option. If you need to work out additional options, then this is an hourly payment of 2800 rubles / hour
- references and examples of textures and patterns, techniques
- photo of samples of materials (it is possible to send samples to the customer by courier service upon request)
- suggestions for the installation of the product and methods of fastening
- production time
- price

We can send you an example presentation upon request.
We can also ask clarifying questions throughout the entire time of working on the presentation.

We conclude an agreement with you for the provision of this service and issue an invoice. After paying the invoice, we take the project to work with a presentation deadline of up to 14 calendar days.

If the customer decides to order a product according to the presentation without changing the original task, on which we gave advice and provided a solution, and we proceed to its production, then the cost of the "Individual order" service is deducted from the final price of the product.

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