Exclusive means exceptional, the one and only and also owned to only one person or the group of people.

Items from this section cannot be repeated, as they are exclusive. They are united with three things: handmade, limited edition and author's feature.
Helen Loom Metal. Tables
Helen Loom Vases
Light Forms Volna
Framed tapestries
Paintings by artist Anna Pepe
ANNA PEPE is a Tbilisi-based contemporary artist. She creates bold and powerful abstract artworks, inspired by the beauty of recurring lines and feminine forms. Studying feminine beauty and architectural simple lines are the core themes in the works of Anna.

She’s a self-taught artist who gained all her knowledge during the practice, additionally educated in Italy and Belgium, she spent several years traveling around the world and living in Europe. Nine years ago she moved to Georgia and found her new home here.

Anna’s art project forn Studio was founded in 2018. She actively sells her artwork for the US and European collectors. Her oversized acrylic canvases, giclee prints, and geometric drawings are found in private homes and corporate collections worldwide. Her artworks are exhibited in several public spaces around Tbilisi and in Schuchmann Estate in Kakheti.
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